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  • Immigrant Visas to Canada
  • Nonimmigrant Visas to Canada

Immigrant Visas to Canada

The Immigrant Visas or Permanent Canada Visas allow holders to settle in Canada and get PR permanently.

5 Benefits of Permanent Residency

  1. Live and Work in Canada
  2. Free Education for children
  3. Allows you to bring your family members
  4. Universal healthcare
  5. Allow you to start a Business

Canada's Entrepreneur Immigration Programs

Canada's business-friendly economy is hugely attractive to creative ones ready to develop and build a new business idea. If you are looking to immigrate to this country as an entrepreneur, the government of Canada and some Canadian provinces provide you with various options.

There are three entrepreneur immigration programs in Canada:

Provincial Entrepreneur Programs

The provinces of Canada offer several provincial nominee programs. Through one of them, entrepreneurs can start their businesses in a specific area.

Quebec Entrepreneur Program

This program allows managers and qualified business owners to obtain permanent residence in Canada and let them acquire or create a commercial, agricultural, or industrial business in Quebec.

Federal Start-up Visa Program

This program encourages entrepreneurs to expand their companies in Canada and try to be linked with private sector organizations to receive funding and guidance in operating their enterprise in Canada. With this type of visa, entrepreneurs who have the potential to establish companies can compete on a global scale and create job opportunities.

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Start-up Visa
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Self-Employed Program
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Family Sponsorship Immigration Visa
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Federal Skilled Worker Program

Nonimmigrant Visas to Canada

Canada welcomes many tourists, students, and temporary workers. Every year, more than 30 million people immigrate to Canada temporarily to enjoy the opportunities this country offers.

If you want to stay in Canada for a while, you will need a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). Depending on some factors, such as the country you are coming from and the reason for your immigration, you should meet specific entry requirements.

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Student Visa
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Visitor Visa
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Work Visa

Steps to Apply for The Canada Visa

If you are looking to get a visa and want to speed up your immigration process, don't worry at all! Our expert experts help you achieve your goal as soon as possible.

  • Fill Out The Evaluation Form on Our Website
  • Reviewing Immigration Options Based on Your Goals
  • Make an Initial Deposit & Sign The Contract

Please fill Out The Evaluation Form on Our Website

After filling out the evaluation form, we provide free consultation and let you know the best option for obtaining a visa.

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Reviewing Immigration Options Based on Your Goals

After reviewing your purposes we provide you a practical plan.

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Make an Initial Deposit & Sign The Contract

After paying the initial deposit, we will make the contract and send it to you.

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